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A steering-wheel lock is a common anti-theft device that car owners use to protect their vehicles against theft.

It works by immobilizing the steering wheel of a car, and acts as a deterrent to decrease the chance of the car being stolen. Steering wheel locks can be sold as a factory unit, and an aftermarket accessory.

For traditional keyed vehicles, these are located near the ignition lock, but cars with smart key functions usually have the unit located near the base of the steering column.

They come as both mechanical and electronic versions depending on the vehicle model, but they are also known point of failure on a lot of vehicles. A failed unit can stop your car from starting altogether.

Our Locksmiths have been professionally trained to assist with steering wheel locks and have over thirty years of experience.

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What is the difference between a mechanical and electronic steering lock?


A mechanical steering lock is an antitheft device that you manually fit onto your steering wheel, whereas an electronic steering lock stops the vehicle from being steered altogether, unless the exact key is in the car or the ignition switch.

We replace both mechanical and electronic units at Lightning Locksmith for a reasonable fee. The most commonly replaced mechanical steering lock we do is the Volkswagen 1K and 6R steering lock used across most models that haven’t yet made use of the push-button start feature. If your car struggles to start, give us a call and we will gladly replace the faulty part with brand new units, while expertly persevering the original ignition key. 

Whether you drive a truck, scooter, van, Volkswagen, Ford, Hyundai or Toyota, Lightning Locksmith can assist you at any time of day or night. Contact one of our friendly team members, and we will be happy to assist you wherever you are in Melbourne.

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Replacement of the Mercedes Benz Electronic Steering Lock

Customers can choose from a refurbished unit, a new electric motor and microcontroller with its failure count reset to the factory settings of zero, or an emulator, a piece of electronics that mimics the function of the original part but does not have the mechanical lock. If you opt for the emulator, keep in mind that the car cannot be sold again in Victoria. The terms for a roadworthy certificate also state that the steering lock must function as it did when it was originally designed. We replace the units in line with Mercedes-Benz requirements, which is slightly more time consuming but Lightning Locksmiths holds high standards for fulfilling an original manufacturer’s specifications.