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Car Key Cutting and Programming Services

Our mobile locksmith service has the tools, technology and equipment for car key cutting and programming of remotes for vehicles with transponder keys. We also offer key cutting services for automobiles, motorcycles, trucks and recreational vehicles.

Some of our car key cutting and programming services include, but are not limited to:

  • Mobile locksmith services
  • Emergency service
  • Transponder key programming
  • Broken key extraction and cutting
  • Ignition lock and switch replacement and repairs
  • Transponder key replacement and copies
  • Car Key Replacement or reprogram remotes and keys
  • Re-key locks and reprogram keys when keys are lost or stolen
  • Replacement remote key shells
car key cutting
cutting and programming transponder car keys
programming of car key remote

Car Key Cutting for Modern Cars

Modern car keys require specialist equipment and expertise to correctly program the car keys, and our highly-trained mobile locksmiths utilise the most advanced programming technology currently available.

We carry a large range of programmable car keys as well as having the latest technology for cutting and programming smart keys, transponder keys, and remote keys for all makes and models.

Save Money and Time By Contacting Lightning Locksmiths

Believe it or not, many people go directly to the dealership to have their transponder keys cut and programmed. Most dealerships charge substantial prices for replacement transponder keys and labour.

They also have extended waiting times and you may have to pay a tow truck to get it there.

By and large, this is not the most cost-effective or time efficient approach when you need your vehicle back on the road.

Instead, call our automotive locksmiths today for more convenient programming and car key cutting and save the hassle and expense of going to a dealership or workshop, we come to you and make the problem go away.

At Lightning Locksmiths, we provide fast, secure, and affordable services for anyone who needs a professional mobile locksmith.

Programming Transpoder Car Keys and Remotes

Car keys have slowly evolved over time from standard cut blades much like a house key to more advanced and complex communication systems.

Since the year 2000, all passenger vehicles sold here in Australia are required to have a passive security system the most common of which is transponder keys; therefore, most vehicles currently driving on Australian roads will need programming or car key cutting services at some point during their service life.

How Does a Transponder Key Work?

The transponder key is the most common electronic security system fitted to the modern car, truck or motorcycle.

A transponder or smart key contains an electronic circuit which has a unique code which is transmitted to the vehicle when the ignition is turned on or the start button is pressed.

If this code is correct and correctly registered to the vehicle the engine control unit will allow the vehicle to start and run.

If the code is incorrect or not registered to the vehicle the engine control unit will not allow the vehicle to start preventing theft by both unregistered keys and forcing locks with screwdrivers.

Lost, Stolen and Broken Transponder Keys

At Lightning Locksmiths, we are fully prepared to handle a variety of situations where car keys become lost, stolen or accidentally broken.

We understand that losing your car key or locking it inside of your vehicle can be a major problem.

The good news is, there’s no need to worry because our services also include opening, unlocking doors and boot; rescuing stranded Australian motorists.

Regardless of your lock and key issues, we can get you back on the road lightning fast with our mobile locksmiths service.

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