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It doesn’t matter whether you simply left your car keys in a place you’re far away from or lost them. When you need to use your Mazda and you don’t have your key available to you, it’s a very stressful situation to have to deal with.

Surprisingly often the most effective solution is ordering a Mazda key replacement service. Wherever and whenever in Melbourne you are, you can take a deep breath. Lightning Locksmiths got your back!

How Do I Get to You When My Key is Lost?


Our mobile locksmith services mean that we can come to you to help you with your automotive needs. If the issue with your car is more than just a lost car key, such as your car won’t start, this can be indicative of an ignition issue. Fortunately, at Lightning Locksmiths we handle ignition repairs and replacement! Is it your steering lock that’s acting out? We can help you in this case too.

It’s possible that your insurance will cover the cost of Mazda key replacement services. Check your policy for details of your cover. Depending on a car key to be replaced and the time of day (or night), our general car key replacement service starts from $250.

Contact us and tell us a bit about the situation and your car (model, year). In that manner, we’ll be able to assess what’s wrong and how we can help you. We’ll also be capable of providing you with an accurate estimation of the cost of our services.