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Looking for Commercial Locksmiths in Melbourne?

No matter what your security requirement is, we provide you the complete solution being renowned commercial locksmiths in Melbourne. We offer you security advice and methods for the best way of securing your property whether it is at home, office or factory.

When necessary for whatever reason you may wish to re-key your home/office or factory, we can help you. It is less expensive than replacing the locks (we change the combination of the lock in such a way that the old keys no longer work).

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We offer Restricted Key Systems for your office:

We offer restricted key systems for those that like to keep track of how many keys they have and who has the keys. Restricted keys can only be duplicated when authorised by the registered signatory, therefore you can be assured that not just anyone has a key to your property. It gives you the control. Especially suggested for commercial/industrial use.

Different people can be given different keys to open different sections of your building or factory. So if you don’t wish people to get in certain areas we can arrange that by structuring the master key system to suit your needs.

You, the owner, will be in control and have just one key to open all doors and locks, where your employees can only open certain areas. Especially useful if you have delivery drivers coming out of hours, you may wish delivery people only to hold the Gate Key.

Don’t worry even if you have lost your car or truck key or your vehicle is stuck on road side! Our automotive locksmiths specialise in making new keys for all kinds of vehicles and gets you out of trouble. Our auto locksmith is quick, responsive and capable of serving you immediately.

As a Commercial Locksmith, we also sell and install a wide variety of products for both commercial and residential use. No matter if your business is small or large, we are happy to provide you our service with 110% satisfactory work.

Our team of commercial locksmiths are equipped with the latest equipment and tools to ensure effective commercial locksmith service in Australia.

Our locksmith team are fully trained and licensed: