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Is your Mercedes-Benz key not starting your car? The source of your problem could be as simple as the key, or as complicated as the ESL(Electronic Steering Lock).

The price range varies by chassis type but a call to us with your vehicle year, model and VIN and we can give you an estimate on what might be broken and how much it will cost for a repair.

Most repairs can be completed with same-day delivery or the next day as we carry a range of replacement parts including Key, EZS, ESL, ECU.

If we don’t have the correct part for your car in stock we have contacts both in the used parts market and overseas for new parts to solve your problem with your Mercedes-Benz.

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Lost your car key?


In the unfortunate event that you have lost your car key, we at Lightning Locksmiths carry a full range of replacement keys, including the rare Keyless-Go press button proximity start keys for the higher trim level Mercedes-Benz vehicles. For most vehicles, we can supply and program a new or replacement key for your Mercedes-Benz within an hour on-site.

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Since 1998 Mercedes-Benz has used a unique immobiliser system on most of their vehicles known as DAS3. This immobiliser system is unique in its use of Infra-Red communication between the key and the ignition lock in the car. 

Every time you insert the key into the ignition lock or EZS as it is known by Mercedes-Benz the key and lock communicate with each other by IR much like your television or air-conditioner remote control. The key sends its information to the car, there are calculations made both in the key and the car and if the ignition lock recognises the key the ignition lock sends coded messages to other modules in the car which vary by chassis type to confirm all DAS-related modules are programmed correctly, only if all data matches is the vehicle allowed to start.

The modules involved in this are all over the vehicle, some are electromechanical like steering or gear locks, some are in the engine bay where they are exposed to the heat of the engine. Others like the ignition lock itself are exposed to the elements when the door is left open during a storm!

Almost all the modules involved in DAS3 have failure points, be they electronic or physical; and replacements at the dealer can be costly and time-consuming to get fixed.

At Lightning Locksmiths, we are equipped with the premier tools on the market and the specialist knowledge required for dealing with the Mercedes-Benz DAS3 system from making new keys to replacing faulty modules. We replace modules following the exact same procedures as a Mercedes-Benz dealership, as we believe in doing a job as close to the way as the original manufacturer as possible.

Whatever your issue with your Mercedes-Benz DAS system we have a solution for you. We cover almost all models from 1998 to 2014, call us today to discuss your problem and get a quote. Please note with some issues we cannot give an exact quote until we have inspected the vehicle, in most cases, we will quote you a range for you to make a decision on.

We are a professional locksmith company providing Mercedes Key Replacements, and therefore to ensure your vehicle security, we insist on seeing valid Photo ID before commencing work on your vehicle.