Ignition Lock Repairs and Switch Replacement

What To Do If Your Ignition Key Doesn't Work?

Is your vehicle’s ignition lock not working properly?

Lightning Locksmiths are available 24/7 to efficiently assist with any ignition lock problems!

Our professional team at Lightning Locksmiths can solve any malfunction you may have with your vehicle’s lock or keys.

We provide ignition lock repair services and switch replacement for all vehicle make and models.

As Melbourne’s safest and most reliable locksmiths, we have an exceptional reputation for delivering high quality customer service.

With our extensive experience and efficiency, our trained automotive locksmiths will get to you quickly at your convenience and repair your ignition switch to the highest quality that ensures the same issue does not recur.

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Does your Ignition Lock Need Repair?

If your ignition switch has failed or acts up when you want to use your vehicle, it’s important that you get it repaired immediately.

A worn-and-torn, jammed or damaged cylinder is a common cause of an ignition lock no longer accepting a key. So chances are that your ignition switch most likely needs a repair or even replacement.

Common Ignition Problems:

  • Key broke in the ignition
  • Ignition key will not go in
  • Ignition lock is jammed
  • Ignition does not turn to the ‘off’ position
  • Key does not turn on the ignition
  • Key is stuck in the ignition
  • Dash lights are still off after turning the ignition
  • Ignition lock stuck on

If you notice any issues, give us a call on 0415309509.

If you require our 24-hour emergency locksmith services, we will promptly send one of our technicians out to your convenience.

Vehicles and Vehicle Brands we Service

At Lightning Locksmiths, we are specialised in providing ignition lock repair services for all vehicles driving the roads in Melbourne. These include:

  • Cars
  • Motor scooters
  • Motorcycles
  • Vans
  • Caravans
  • Trucks

We service many vehicle brands, most of them include:

  • Ford
  • GMC
  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Mercedes
  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • and many more

No Hidden Costs

All of our quotes provided on the price of an ignition lock repair or replacement are fixed and no-obligation.

Take it or leave it - there are no hidden costs or shady call-out charges.

We maintain complete transparency on all the costs involved for your repair or replacement prior to commencing the job.

Additionally,our experts will carefully explain what each cost involved entails and why it is the best option/s.

The Importance of Ignition Switch Replacements or Repair

A faulty ignition lock can be extremely frustrating, especially when you are on your way out to hit the road.

However, driving your vehicle with a faulty ignition switch can leave you stranded.

Repairing or replacing your ignition lock or switch when needed can prevent needless frustrations.

If your ignition switch only requires a small repair, doing it as soon as possible can save you big money on a potentially pricey replacement later on.

Preventing Ignition Lock Issues

Auto ignition locks generally have to do a lot of things at once - operate a 3 pole switch, prevent the steering wheel from rotating, endure any attempted force and resist unauthorised tampering.

Over time, your ignition switch will naturally develop some wear-and-tear, however there are ways to prevent serious issues:

Remove some keys:

Often, drivers place extra keys on their vehicle’s car ring. Remember, your car key has to be inserted into the lock and having extra weight on your car keys can put a lot of damaging pressure on your ignition switch.

Drive with caution:

Your keys jiggling - caused by the forces of bumps in roads, speed humps and potholes - can shave off the silver of the brass of your vehicle key and components of the lock. This increases wear and tear on your lock and key.

How do I know if my ignition switch needs repairs ore replacement?

When it comes to problematic ignition switch, it’s not as simple as a quick repair.

It depends on the issue, which still needs to be established by a professional auto locksmith.

If your vehicle cranks but the engine does not start - this is one of the first signs that your ignition switch needs to be replaced.

Sometimes, there will be zero cranking as well; meaning there is no spark present.

In this case, your ignition requires a repair. If it cannot be repaired, it will need to be replaced.

Our professional experts at Lightning Locksmiths will be able to examine and verify the issue, and determine whether it requires a repair over a replacement.

Can I use a locksmith to replace or repair my ignition lock?

Yes, a locksmith is fully equipped to replace or repair a faulty ignition. Although a vehicle mechanic is more than qualified to replace or repair an ignition lock, if the issue lies with a lock then it should be done by a locksmith.

Additionally, don’t forget that unlike mechanics, an auto locksmith offers mobile service at your convenience and urgency.

Do I need to bring my vehicle to you?

We come to your vehicle’s location; thus negating any need to tow the car to a mechanic and find your way home.

As a professional locksmith company and understanding the importance of an operating ignition switch, we provide 24/7 emergency auto locksmith services at your convenient location in Melbourne.

Do I need to book an appointment?

This depends on your type of vehicle, its ignition lock complexity and the situation. It may also take time to obtain the required part/s depending on its availability.

Once we have all the required parts, it can take a couple of minutes to replace it. Majority of the time used to replace an ignition lock includes removing and putting back together the different components - screws, bolts, latches, covers, etc.

Do I need a new vehicle key?

Sometimes, the answer to getting your ignition lock to work again is a new key for your vehicle. In this case, we will quote you on an ignition key replacement. The cost of an ignition key replacement will depend on the make, model and year of your vehicle.

How long do ignition locks last?

Ignition locks generally last for a vehicle’s entire lifetime, unless damage is imposed or sudden failure occurs.

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