Toyota Key Replacement
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Have you lost or damaged the car key to your Toyota? We understand that car owners rely on their vehicles to get around. It’s a way of getting to work, taking care of various personal duties as well as seeing friends and family.

This is why losing your car key may feel like it’s the end of the world. Fortunately, a car key replacement is a quick and reliable solution to this problem. At Lightning Locksmiths, we understand that you need this issue to be fixed as soon as possible. In many cases we are capable of organising a Toyota car key replacement the same day.

I Can’t Move My Car!

We’ll come to you to help you fix the issue. You can help us by preparing some documents such as an ID, details of your car and a document that confirms the ownership of your car. We can help you even if all keys to your vehicle are lost!

It won’t cost you a fortune to have your Toyota key replacement done by us. Our estimated service price for a new key starts at $250 during business hours. The exact price depends on the type of key. We can also assist you after hours at an additional cost.

If your key isn’t lost, but you can’t start your car, it may be an ignition or a steering lock issue. Apart from a Toyota car key replacement, we can also help you with brand-specific and general ignition repairs and replacement as well as steering lock issues. Whatever it is that’s happening to your car lock, we’ll be able to assist you. Give us a call for a quote!