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Subaru cars since 1997 have used transponder security systems as are used on most other modern vehicles, these security systems require specialist tools and knowledge to generate new keys to start the vehicle.

Every time you start the vehicle a module inside the vehicle communicates with a transponder in the key head and checks to see if that key is authorised to start the vehicle, if it is the car is allowed to run.

Lightning Locksmiths specialise in key cutting services for Subaru vehicles, it doesn’t matter if you’ve lost all your keys or just need a spare key we can supply you then cut and program to suit for vehicle aftermarket or genuine Subaru keys to replace your lost key.

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Lightning Locksmiths specialise in Subaru key replacement

If you’ve lost your key or need a spare key for your Subaru, call Lightning Locksmiths today. When you call one of our friendly staff will ask you for some details about your vehicle including the year of manufacture, model, and registration plate number. With this information, we can give you an accurate estimate of what a spare or new key for your Subaru will cost. As there are many different types of Subaru immobiliser it is important that we ascertain the exact type your car is to give you the most accurate information. You’ll find our prices to be competitive and affordable, we are almost always cheaper than the dealer and always much faster.

Once one of our technicians arrives on site they will ask to see a photo ID to confirm the identity of the person we are making keys for, both for your vehicle security and our record keeping. Once identification has been confirmed we open the vehicle with no damage to it and decode the physical lock, usually without removing it but occasionally by removing and disassembling it to make the physical key. Even smart key cars have a physical lock and key!

Once the physical key has been produced we can move on to transponder programming, which depending on the type of immobiliser can be done through the vehicle OBD/Diagnostics port or in some cases a module must be removed from the vehicle to gain access to the immobiliser memory and rewrite keys. If all has gone well at this point your car should start and run.

Keyless Entry remote programming if requested is the final step. All procedures are carried out as close to the original Subaru procedure as possible, at Lightning Locksmiths we take pride in keeping your vehicle as close to its original condition as possible. At Lightning Locksmiths, we aim to have the same or next business day solutions for our customers, after-hours service is available if your need is urgent.

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Subaru ignition locks are like any other mechanical system like your engine, brakes, tyres and wear with use. Every time you put the key in or take it out there’s wear and tear on the key blade and the moving parts inside the ignition lock. If your ignition cylinder is hard to turn, or the key is difficult to get in or out it may be time for an ignition lock repair or replacement. At Lightning Locksmiths, we carry replacement parts and locks for a wide range of Subaru vehicles and we are familiar with the issues these cars can have.

Call us today with your vehicle’s year of manufacture, model, registration number and a description of the issues you are having with the locks on your vehicle and we can provide an estimate of the cost to repair your car’s locking system to as close to factory condition as possible.

If your locks require replacement we carry some common ones in stock, and if we don’t we can source either brand new original locks or second hand refurbished parts depending on your budget and parts availability. Most of the time unless there has been malicious damage caused by a theft attempt your locks will be repairable.