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Lost your car keys? Our Automotive Locksmiths can help!

Our Melbourne automotive locksmiths can give you a helping hand, we are available 24/7!

With our car key replacement, we can make new keys to most cars, trucks and motorcycles on the side of the road.

So if you’ve lost your keys at the shopping centre, football ground, work, or home and have no spare key we can supply you with a replacement key wherever you are.

No need for costly towing or waiting for a dealership to find the time to provide keys for your vehicle.

Simply call us, give us some details of your vehicle and we’ll give you an estimate of the cost of replacement keys.

The majority of cars produced since 1996 have some form of immobiliser fitted from the factory.

The most common type is the transponder key, these systems have a small piece of electronics inside the head of the key, this can either be a head with remote buttons or a plain plastic head with the electronics embedded in it.

When you start the vehicle the car’s computer system looks for the electronics in the key, which send a coded signal to the computers, and if that signal matches the records of valid keys registered to start the engine the computer system will allow the engine to start.

car key broken, call automotive locksmiths
automotive locksmiths fix car key broken in the car door
car key locked in the car, automotive locksmiths can help

Locked your keys inside your car? Call our automotive locksmiths!

We have the specialist tools and equipment to gain entry to your vehicle without doing damage. Lightning Locksmiths specialises in opening all prestige vehicles including BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi and others with no damage whatsoever.

Broken your key in the ignition or car door?

If you’ve broken a key in the lock, don’t panic! We at Lightning Locksmiths have the specialist tools and skills to remove broken keys from locks, generally without damaging the lock. We can then use the broken key as a sample to cut a replacement key to get you back on the road. Occasionally a lock may need repair or replacement, but this is rare.

Replacing broken or worn locks

Has someone damaged your door lock or ignition lock? Is it becoming hard to turn?

We can repair or replace your ignition locks or car door locks as needed for most vehicle makes and models. We can also key any new locks to your existing key, saving on keys and keeping your vehicle as close to factory condition as possible. Where possible we use original locks and parts, or a quality aftermarket alternative. Where new parts are not available or overly expensive we can source second hand parts and refurbish them.

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